The Fourth Central Asian Leadership Programme for Sustainable Development

Almaty,Kazakhstan, July25, 2013 – Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia(CAREC) in cooperation with UNEP, the Government of Norway and OSCE Center in Astana is to hold the Fourth Central Asian Leadership Programme in Almaty city, Kazakhstan on September 16-24,2013.

The 8-day Programme is aimed for young and promising representatives of the government, private sector and civil society of Central Asia.

It is already the fourth years that the Programme is being implemented and it is aimed to ensure comprehensive assessment of issues of sustainable development within the context of global challenges and also needs and priorities of Central Asia.The Programme is based on interactive training activities and is based on3 dimensions: man,environment and sustainable development. The concepts of mind, body and sole are included into the context and rational aspects of leadership skills within the framework of human dimensions.

Participants are given the chance to get acquire new knowledge in the area of environment management and in issues of sustainable development aimed at uniting government, private sector and civil society in Central Asia.

Special attention will be given to issues of climate change, rational water use, access to drinking water, green development and sustainable energy.

Principle goals of the Fourth CA Leadership Programme:

  • tomotivatecomprehensivethinkingandabilityofmakedecisionsamongyoungprofessionals as well as representatives of middle government line, private sector and civil society
  • to motivate integration of environment and sustainable development topics for effective decision making
  • to create and develop network between new leaders of Central Asia that represent Government, civil society and private sector

Young leaders selected through competition and representing Government, private sector and civil society from five states of Central Asia will take part in the training workshop.

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Notes for the editor:

  • ThefirstCentralAsianLeadershipProgrammewasheldinAstanainSeptember2010 in the English language in parallel with the 6th Conference of Ministers of EnvironmentalProtection and Development of Asian-Pacific Region (APR) and was designed for young leaders and potential professionals from the government, private sector and civil society of Central Asian countries. A three-day programme was hosted by the Nazarbaiev University in partnership with Asian Institute of Technology –AIT, UNEP, RRCAP and CAREC
  • ThesecondCentralAsianLeadershipProgrammeonEnvironmentforSustainableDevelopmentwasheldonSeptember 14-17, 2011 in CAREC Head Office in Almaty in cooperation and with support of UNEP, AIT, OSCE Center in Astana and CAPSD on the eve of the 7th Ministerial Conference «Environment for Europe».
  • ThethirdCentralAsianLeadershipProgrammeonEnvironmentforSustainableDevelopmentwasheld on September 17-28, 2012 in the CAREC head office in Almaty city in cooperation and with support of UNEP and the Government of Norway and was dedicated to the issue of sustainable development with the focus on water, water resources of Central Asia.

TodaygraduatesoftheLeadershipProgrammetakeanactivepartinenvironmental activity and in CAREC projects in the area of environmental protection and development in all the countries of Central Asia.

Contact persons:

  • Mahesh Pradhan,Chief of the Department on Environmental Education and Training, Unit of Environmental Policy Implementation, UNEPHQs, Nairobi, Email:
  • Tayana Shakirova, Manager of the Programme ESD CAREC, telephone: int. 120), Email:
  • Yekaterina Strikeleva, Manager of the CAREC Programme onSupport to Water Initiatives, telephone: Email: