Environmental Management Programme

  • Facilitate multi-stakeholder environmental dialogues
  • Facilitate the enforcement of the environmental legislation
  • Promote the efficient environmental management tools
  • Support local environmental initiatives/environmental management action plans
  • Promote sustainable production and consumption

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

  • Develop the dialogue and networks to exchange experience and best practices on ESD in Central Asia
  • Develop the legislative and institutional basis to promote ESD in the educational systems of Central Asian countries
  • Harmonize the national education standards and ESD programmes in Central Asia
  • Develop the capacity of stakeholders in ESD and sustainable development
  • Introduce modern educational and methodological materials on ESD

Water Initiatives Support

  • Promote the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach in Central Asia
  • Support the regional water cooperation and transboundary water resources management (TWRM)
  • Mobilize stakeholders to enhance the water use efficiency in Central Asia
  • Reduce the level of pollutants concentration in surface and ground water
  • Streamline the standards and policies on water management in Central Asia

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy

  • Bring best practices to develop public-private partnerships for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Promote Kyoto mechanisms and post-Kyoto dialogues
  • Enhance the energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy in Central Asia

Interprogram activity

  • Strengthening the capacity of environmental organizations, to facilitate the dialogue and partnership between the state, civil, business community and the international community to protect the environment in Central Asia and to achieve sustainable development goals
  • Promoting an information space for the activities in the field of environmental protection, environmental education. Assistance on the basis of a new technical development of environmental, social and spiritual functions of popular culture and the media
  • Support for multi-sectoral and synergistic approach in managing programs and projects for sustainable development
  • Fostering an enabling environment to attract international innovative potential for solving environmental problems in Central Asia