Interprogram activity

In accordance with the Mission of CAREC, the Millennium Development Goals, the decisions of WSSD, regional and sub-regional forums in the field of environment and development, taking into account the new transformation and transition of CAREC from institutional funding for the project-oriented, it was decided to create a cross-program department which operates in the following key priorities:

  • Strengthening the capacity of environmental organizations, to facilitate the dialogue and partnership between the state, civil, business community and the international community to protect the environment in Central Asia and to achieve sustainable development goals
  • Promoting an information space for the activities in the field of environmental protection, environmental education. Assistance on the basis of a new technical development of environmental, social and spiritual functions of popular culture and the media
  • Support for multi-sectoral and synergistic approach in managing programs and projects for sustainable development
  • Fostering an enabling environment to attract international innovative potential for solving environmental problems in Central Asia


  • Coordinator for resource mobilization – Lyudmila Kiktenko –
  • Stekeholder relations manager –
  • Information Specialist – vacant –